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Fairs and Festivals in Yamunanagar

The city of Yamunanagar has a very vibrant culture and religious fabric. The people of Yamunanagar, are god fearing and celebrate festivals with great galore and oneness amongst themselves. Some of the major festivals and fairs that are celebrated in the city of Yamunanagar are discussed below.

Fairs and Festivals in Yamunanagar

Fairs in Yamunanagar

Some of the popular fairs in Yamunanagar are as follows:

Mela of Kapal Mochan

One of the most renowned fair, where most of the people from Yamunanagar participate is the fair held at Kapal Mochan, during the last three days of Karthil Purnima. People from the Northern part of India also come here to take a tip in the holy waters of river Yamuna in their aspiration to achive Moksha or salvation. A population of around 10 lakhs take a bath in the virtuous sarovars on the eve of Karthik Purnima.

Mela Kapal Mochan in Yamunanagar

Suraj Kund Mela

At a distance of 9 kilometres from Yamunanagar is this temple of Suraj Kund, which has a temple known as the Surya Mandir. This temple also has a Kund or a pool of water connected to it. A fair or a mela is held here in the months of August and September and people from various parts of state and country come here to take dip in the holy water of this Suraj Kund as it is believed that the water here is blessed with special powers, which has the ability to cure a variety of diseases. In addition, the women folk mainly visit here to pray in order to be blessed with a child.

Suraj Kund Mela in Yamunanagar

Festivals in Yamunanagar

Some of the popular festivals in Yamunanagar are as follows:

Karthik Purnima Snan at Gau Bacha Ghat

This festival is celebrated in a large scale in Yamunanagar. Thousands of devotees throng the Gau Bacha Ghat and take a dip in the waters of the river Yamuna by this ghat, as this bath is believed to be very auspicious. This holy bath on the full moon day of the Indian month of Karthik is believed to wash away all sins.


This festival is mainly celebrated by the married women of Yamunanagar, who pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for marital happiness and bliss. It is celebrated across 3 days and takes place in the month of Shravana or Sawan as per the Hindu calendar on the third day of Shukla Paksha.

Ram Navami in Yamunanagar

Ram Navami

People of Yamunanagar also celebrate the festival of Ram Namavami to celebrate the birthday of Lord Ram and this is celebrated in the month of Chaitra as per the Hindu Calendar. Processions are taken out with people dressed as Ram and Sita and a lot of celebrations happen coupled with some singing and dancing.

Janmashtami in Yamunanagar


The people of Yamunanagar also celebrate Janmashtami with great enthusiasm and zeal and offer their prayers to Lord Krishna in the temples of Lord Krishna like the Iskcon temple in Yamunanagar. This festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna and children are often dressed up as Lord Krishna on this day. People also perform Raslila and celebrate this festival of Janmashtami.


There are many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in Yamunanagar. One of the famous Shiv Mandir is in Model Town of Yamunanagar, where many devotees come to pay their homage and offer their prayers on the occasion of Shivaratri. They pour milk over the idol of Lord Shiva and offer their prayers and also fast on the occasion of Shivaratri. Other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are in Sugh and Jagadhri in Yamunanagar, where people collect in huge numbers to offer their prayers.

Other Indian festivals like Gangore, Holi, Diwali, Navratri, Baisakhi and many others are also celebrated in the city of Yamunanagar with a lot of enthusiasm and involvement from the local people of the city.

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