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Administration in Yamunanagar

The city of Yamunanagar is an important industrial hub of the state of Haryana and the administration of this city and district is very well organised. The government officials and the administrative departments of this city and district take utmost care to ensure that all the facilities and functions, which are supposed to be run by the government, function in a robust and meticulous manner.

The administration of this city is under the district named Yamunanagar and it constitutes of one subdivision, which is named Jagadhri and also includes two tehsils named Chhachhrauli and Jagadhri. This place also has four sub-tehsils in the dominion of its administrative set up and they are Mustafabad, Sadhaura, Bilaspur and Radaur, which are hub of steel and brass utensil manufacturing units. In addition, the civic authorities also fall under the administrative set up of two Municipal Councils namedly Jagadhri and Yamuna Nagar.

Administration in Yamunanagar

The district of Yamunanagar functions across 6 blocks, namely Mustafabad, Radaur,  Sadhaura, Bilaspur, Jagadhri and Chhachhrauli. Also, there are 5 assembly constituencies in this region namely Radaur,  Sadhaura, Jagadhri , Chhachhrauli and Yamuna Nagar. The overall administration of the city  of Yamunanagar is looked after by the Deputy Commissioner and he has a strong team, which helps him run the day to day functions, from the groups of Haryana State Services and Haryana Civil Services.

Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar

The Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar, performs all the essential functions of the administration of the city and the district. Services like marriage registration, birth and death registration, property tax, water connection, bilding plan approval, electoral roll preparation and many other important works are done by the Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar. This council functions in two zones, namely Yamunanagar and Jagadhri and is headed by a Commissioner and is immediately succeeded by a Joint Commissioner and a Deputy Municipal Commissioner. In addition, the team has tax collection officers, Chief engineers, Chief Town Planners, Fire Officer, Purchase Officer and many others.

Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar

Reach Municipal Corporation of Yamunanagar

Municipal Corporation
Near the Fountain Chowk, Railway Road
Yamuna Nagar ( 135001 )
Phone No : 01732-237841 (for Yamunanagar Zone)
01732-2377842 (for Jagadhri Zone)

District Court in Yamunanagar

The District Courts are located adjacent to the Mini Secretariat Building in Yamunangar and has shifted its base  from the old office stationed at Military Ground in Jagadhri. This new office was inaugurated in the year 2000 by a Judge from Haryana High Court, and has many District and Sessions Judges working in this jurisdiction. The Chief Judicial Magistrate and the Additional District and Session Judges also work from this office. It was in the year 1991 that Shri D.V.Singh was posted as the first Chief Judicial Magistrate, and Shri U.B.Khanduja was posted as the first Senior Sub Judge Yamuna Nagar at Jagadhri.

District Court in Yamunanagar

Members of Administrative Offices of Yamunanagar

Some important contacts in the Administrative Offices of Yamunanagar are as follows:

Sh. Mandip Singh Brar, IAS   
DC, Yamunanagar   
Phone Number: 237800, 237850

Sh. Shashank Anand, IPS   
SP, Yamunanagar   
Phone Number: 200203, 200202

Dr. S.S Saini, HCS   
ADC, Yamunanagar                        Services done by Administration of Yamunanagar
Phone Number: 237802, 237852

Sh. Aditya Dahiya, IAS   
SDM, Jagadhri   
Phone Number: 237805,
237855, 9416037805

Smt Pooja Chawaria, HCS   
SDM, Bilaspur   
Phone Number: 274890,

Ms. Ruchi Singh, HCS   
City Magistrate   
Phone Number: 237806,
237856, 9876929994

Sh. Gagandeep Singh   
Phone Number: 237807,

Sh. Satish Bhardwaj   
Phone Number: 201150, 237860

Sh. Ramesh Gupta   
Phone Number: 237808, 237878

Sh. Ramesh Singla   
Tehsildar Jagadhri   
Phone Number: 237809, 237857

Sh. Ishwar Singh   
Tehsildar Bilaspur   
Phone Number: 274533,

Sh. Rajeev Sharma   
Tehsildar Chhachhrauli   
Phone Number: 277339 ,

Sh. Bharti Puhal   
N.T. Jagadhri   
Phone Number: 237809,

Sh. Randhir Singh   
N.T. Bilaspur   
Phone Number: 274533 ,

Dr. Jodha Ram   
N.T. Chhachhrauli   
Phone Number: 277339,

Sh. Harish Kalra   
N.T. Sadhaura   
Phone Number: 9034324000

Sh. Krishan Chand   
N.T. Mustafabad   
Phone Number: 287365 pp

Ms. Chetana Chodhary   
N.T. Radaur   
Phone Number: 237896, 9996838700

Shri V.B.Bansal
C.E., Hydel (Thermal)
Phone Number: 204500- 02, 205001

Therefore, the administration of Yamunanagar is well managed by the administrative offices set up by the government and all the essential functions are carried out in a systematic manner by the offices and the office bearers.

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